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Termites are small insects that can cause severe destruction to wood buildings. Sometimes there will be no sign the home is infested. Face it, we live in Arizona – We get termites.  If you live in the desert, you probably already know the damage they can cause.  Termite infestations can go undetected for years, hidden behind walls, floor coverings or insulation.

It’s not if you are going to get termites – It’s how long are you going to wait to get rid of them!

There are several kinds of termites, including drywood termites and subterranean, which will eat a tremendous variety of structural material. By the time you see them, they’re usually part of an infestation. The exception to this is when they swarm to create new colonies, usually in the spring. At this point they are winged, and often mistaken for flying ants. Even though this may not mean an infestation of your property, if they are coming from your property this is a likely time you will see them soon.

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We will inspect and treat the exterior of the home. We will use our knowledge and experience to make applications to prevent pests common to the season, so that you not even notice that pests have been kept out of your home. We are specially trained on material selection and material application. We will use a combination of spray, bait, dust, granules, granular bait, and traps based on the target pest, season, and other factors to provide the most effective pest control service.


$79 per month

$29 per bait box for the first month – in addition to your monthly service fee.  $10 per month per bait box in addition to your monthly service.


$399 – $499

Includes a 2 year warranty
$125 each year to extend warranty

*Manufactured homes may be an additional cost

$499 – $599

Includes a 2 year warranty
$125 each year to extend warranty

*Manufactured homes may be additional cost

$599 – $699

Includes a 2 year warranty
$125 each year to extend warranty

*Manufactured homes may be additional cost

$699 – $899

Includes a 2 year warranty
$125 each year to extend warranty

*Manufactured homes may be additional cost

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Did YOU Know …


Did YOU Know...

Termites are related to cockroaches and have been on the earth for over 200 million years.
A termite holds the record for the oldest example of mutualism between organisms, too. A 100-million-year old termite with a ruptured abdomen was encased in amber, along with the protozoans that lived in its gut.


Did YOU Know...

Pack rats are nest builders. They use plant material such as twigs, sticks, and other available debris. They are particularly fond of shiny objects. A peculiar characteristic is that if they find something they want, they will drop what they are currently carrying—for example, a piece of cactus—and “trade” it for the new item.


Did YOU Know...

Scorpions are predatory animals of the class Arachnida, making them cousins to spiders, mites and ticks.  Unlike insects, which generally deposit eggs outside their bodies, scorpions produce live babies, a practice known as viviparity. The gestational stage can be as short as two months, or as long as 18 months, depending on the species.

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You Have A Pest Problem – Now What?


  • Ignore the problem – Well, we all know how that will turn out!

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